Commonly asked questions.

We know that you are very careful with your car, and you are also unhappy about the damage on it. If you are not exactly sure what your next move should be, no worries. Check out the questions below, or contact us at KC Dentkrafters anytime.

What exactly is PDR?

PDR stands for “paintless dent repair.” It’s a method of getting rid of dents without the usual filling and painting method.

How does PDR work?

PDR works by using custom tools and specialized lighting to slowly work the dent out from the backside, from the inside of the vehicle’s body.

Is this a new process?

For over 50 years manufacturers have been using and perfecting this process with new types of metals and paints on today’s vehicles.

How did PDR become so popular?

Any time a process is fast, efficient, and saves you money, it’s going to be popular. It helps preserve your original paint and retain your car’s maximum value. It usually takes only one day and in most cases costs 50% less than other methods.

Can PDR fix all dents and damage?

An experienced, trained technician will examine your vehicle and determine if it qualifies for the process. Normally, if the paint is still intact and unbroken, the PDR process will work well.

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